Lake & Pond Colorant

Improve the water quality and aesthetic of your lake or pond by using pond dye and lake colorant. Water dyes are used to give ponds and lakes rich colors. Pond dyes, or water dyes, are solutions which color the water of your pond, helping reduce algae growth and deterring predators away from fish. Pond dyes usually work through a solution containing the dyes. All of our pond dye/colorant clears up ponds & lakes and gives them a beautiful royal blue color all year long; 100% safe for humans, animals, & irrigation. Using a pond dye will also help keep the water cooler and allow the fish to breathe easier all summer. Applying Pond Dye. Adding dye to your pond or lake is easy.

  • Crystal Blue Natural Pond Cleaner 1 GAL

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    Natural Pond Cleaner is a specialized blend of naturally occuring bacteria that helps with water clarity, reducing pond odors, clean bottom muck, dead vegetation, fish debris and dead plant matter. Natural Pond Cleaner super charges naturally occurring bacteria to consume micronutrients for...

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