Cat Repellent

Cat repellents, like all animal repellents, are meant to break bad habits and change unwanted behavior. All cats exhibit territory-marking behaviors, like rubbing their cheeks on objects and sharpening their claws, which releases pheromones that leave their scent behind. However, they also spray urine and use feces as a way to mark territories as well, which is extremely unwanted behavior. Unneutered male cats spraying are often a problem. Cats are creatures of habit and will continue to visit spots that smell familiar. Repellents, which contain ingredients that smell or taste unpleasant to the cats, are used to deter cats from using your lawn, garden, and property as their litter box or spraying zone. The repellents will make the area smell unfamiliar and bad to the cat and will hopefully not use the treated area. With diligence, you can use cat repellent products with some other tactics to break the cats of their habits and keep your lawn a cat-free zone.

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