Bird Repellent

Bird Repellent Spray, Gel, Tape & Other Devices Bird repellents help deter birds from roosting on certain areas, or from eating or pecking certain plants. Animal repellents work by using ingredients that are unpleasant in touch, scent, or taste to animals. These products don’t harm animals, but just make treated areas unwelcoming and uncomfortable. We carry some great bird repellents that can help prevent and deter nuisance birds in your yard. There are two reasons you might want to use a bird repellent. One is preventing and deterring roosting on your home or property, and the other is to prevent or deter birds from eating or disturbing certain plants. These products can come in liquid form, gel form, ready to use spray, and granules. Repellents to prevent roosting are made up of a sticky substance applied to areas you want to treat. The sticky texture is unpleasant to birds, and they will vacate the treated area and will be unlikely to return as long as the surface is sticky. Repellents to keep birds away from certain plants employ unpleasant taste or smell to irritate birds’ senses as they eat the plants, and can be applied on or around your plants to deter feeding. Some bird repellents are devices that make landing or roosting difficult for the birds, so they will leave that area and find a better place to roost.

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