UV Flashlights

UV (Ultraviolet) Scoprion & Urine Inspection Flashlights Sometimes pest control can be tricky when the evidence of the pest is very hard to detect. Ultraviolet flashlight, which is used to lure insects into bug zappers or sticky traps, like our fly lights, can also be an effective tool in detecting scorpions and urine from nuisance animals when it is contained in a flashlight. How to Use UV Flashlights Scorpions: Most people discover a scorpion problem only after finding one around their house. Other times a scorpion flashlight can be used to check buildings and areas for a scorpion infestation. Scorpions are good at hiding and can be difficult to detect but they do glow really well under UV light, allowing you to find and control the scorpions directly, in addition to residual applications outdoors or in tight, hard to reach places. Rodents and Other Animals: UV lights can detect urine that animals may leave behind. When doing a thorough inspection if you suspect rodents in your home, you can use a UV inspection light to see the urine trails that can help you determine if you have rodents in certain areas and identify well-traveled, allowing you to treat those areas and increasing the effectiveness of your treatment. The urine stains will appear yellow or blue under the light.

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