Termite Baiting Tools

Concrete Drill Bits, Plugs & Baiting Tools Treating your home and property for termites can be a big undertaking, and you will need the proper termite bating tools (a concrete drill bit, trench shovel, concrete plugs, and a bait station key tool) to successfully treat for termites. Our termite treatment guide will help guide you in how to use termite equipment properly and help you determine the right method for your infestation. We sell the professional tools that pest control experts use in treating for termites. Here is a brief list of what you may need in your termite treatment: Concrete drill bit: If drilling into your foundations or concrete slabs near your home is necessary, you will need a drill bit that is capable of cutting through concrete. We sell three sizes of drill bits that will be able to suit all your needs. Termite baits: Termite baits are a great way to monitor and decrease termite populations. Advance and Firstline monitoring and bait stations help you to determine the line of travel for the termites, and the deliver poisonous bait to greatly decrease the termite colony’s population. Gallon Sprayers: Gallon sprayers are necessary for applying the insecticide of your choice. You will want to fill the drilled holes with the insecticide and also trench and fill around the perimeter of your home. These sprayers allow you to apply a large amount of insecticide quickly and easily. Termite insecticide: We carry a wide array of termite sprays for termite control. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

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