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Necessary Safety Equipment For Pest Control 1. Respirators A respirator is vital to keep your lungs and breathing passages safe from pesticides. The lungs are one of the most susceptible organs to the harmful effects of some chemicals, and therefore keeping these chemicals from making contact with them is a very important part of safe pest management techniques. The best products for lung and airway protection are respirators such as the Moldex 2300 N95 valved respirator mask, which provides complete protection from the inhalation of aerosol pesticides. It also is advisable to wear this same sort of lung protection while inspecting the house for pests, as their waste products can easily become aerosolized and cause allergic reactions and occasional disease in those who breathe in the bacteria or viruses contained therein. 2. Eye Protection It is well known that the eyes are prone to irritation and damage from certain chemicals, and when applying pesticides, particularly in tight and non-ventilated spaces they can be in serious danger of damage that can be lifelong. Therefore you will want to purchase sufficient eye protection whenever you are planning to apply pesticides to your home. You best bet is to purchase a pair of plastic goggles that can be worn over any eyeglasses and provide you with an impenetrable barrier to protect your eyesight. 3. Skin Protection Because many of the chemicals used in pest control can be absorbed through the skin and cause harmful effects, it is important to invest in something to go over your clothes and bare skin to keep from experiencing any problems. The best products for skin protection are Tyvek coveralls, which are worn over your clothes and provide complete protection for every square inch of your skin. The material used in the manufacture of these coveralls is impenetrable to chemicals but does breathe, allowing you to remain comfortable even if you are applying pesticides in an attic, garage or other similarly unventilated space. In addition to the coveralls, you’ll also want some chemical resistant gloves to keep your hands safe and sound.

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