Door Sweeps

Door sweeps are a hugely important part of pest proofing your home. It may seem like a minor detail, but improperly installed, damaged, or missing door sweeps can give all sorts of insects and rodents access to your building. The right equipment can make all the difference, and we sell quality door sweeps that will create a strong barrier against pests, rain, and drafts to keep your home protected and pest proof. About Door Sweeps You might think door sweeps are a minor part of your home, but they are an important, common measure for pest proofing your home. They are included in the exclusion method of pest control, a preventative step that can help you to avoid pest infestations before they begin by stopping pests at the threshold of your home. The base of an exterior door, if not fit or sealed properly, can create gaps large enough for insects and other pests to enter your home. If light is filtering through your door, the gaps may be large enough for pests to gain entrance. Gaps as small as 1/16” or less can let insects in, gaps ¼” wide can let in mice, and gaps ½” wide can let in rats. Exterior door sweeps can come in several different types, including brush types and those that include rubber gaskets that also act as a weather strip and draft protection. Choose door sweeps that give you as much protection as possible. Make sure to inspect door sweeps regularly, checking for damage. Corners are often susceptible to damage. Replacing and installing door sweeps are very important in maintaining a pest-proof barrier of the exterior of your home. Most pest infestations can be avoided by making sure there are no gaps or cracks for insects to get in, and this is an easy, cost-effective solution. Using door sweeps can also help reduce the amount of insecticides and chemical pest control measures, especially if the door sweep is made of heavy duty, long lasting materials. How To Use Door Sweeps Door sweeps are often easy to install and can be used on any exterior door in commercial or residential buildings. Here are some tips on making sure your door sweep will keep out all unwanted pests, drafts, and weather. Door sweeps are generally installed with metal screws into the actual door. Fitting the door sweep properly to the door is key, since the door sweep cannot do its job if the door seal is not tight. No light should be visible through the bottom of the door. While the door sweeps will fit on most standard doors, make sure to check the measurements before installing. We carry Xcluder door sweeps, which include a neoprene gasket filled with a coarse fabric fill that is impenetrable to rats, mice, and insects. This style of door sweep also acts as weather stripping and draft barrier, and is made with high quality materials that will last a long time.

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