About Us

Why Hire When You Can Do It Yourself?

By using recommended professional products instead of a commercial extermination service, you can get rid of pests or rodents at a cost savings of up to 70%. Today’s professionals use Integrated Pest Management techniques which include traps and exclusion methods to control pests. Baits are also highly effective for controlling your target insect or rodent. Most people are capable of following a pest management strategy. We provide access to educational resources to help you select, purchase, and use any item in our product line. We carry insect baits, professional insecticides/pesticides, traps, herbicides, and many other helpful professional items.

Customer Service

We don't hide our telephone number like some websites do. We are committed to providing superior customer service and encourage you to call us should you have any questions: 763-682-6984. Email us at [email protected] or use our live chat for a quick response.

Fast Shipping

We ship fast - most orders leave our warehouse the same or next business day with priority mail or UPS shipping. Our huge inventory and warehouse ensures you'll get the product you ordered without waiting on back orders or out of stock items.

Largest Inventory

We offer thousands of professional products and our inventory is expanding all the time with the latest and greatest. Check back often to see our newest product categories as we expand our outdoor living, farm equipment, and pest control line.

Lowest Prices

We strive to keep our prices as competitive as possible, and offer some of the lowest prices on pest control products, lawn equipment, farm equipment, and outdoor products you'll find anywhere online. Our ability to buy in bulk quantities allows us to price at or below the competition.

Why DavesPestDefense.com?

Dave has been in the industry for over 20 years and has perfected the art of lawn maintenance overall. Not only does the team at DavesPestDefense.com have the knowledge to help our customers reach their ultimate goal, but the team also makes customer service their number one priority. We will always provide you with the same customer service that we’d expect and then we take it one step further. DavesPestDefense.com is one of the largest and fastest growing online retailers for professionals in the outdoor industry.

One Stop Shop

At DavesPestDefense, you’ll find a friendly staff of pest control and outdoor living professionals that are ready to answer your fertilizer, pest control, farm equipment, equestrian, and outdoor living questions. We carry professional-grade pest control products (no fakes or knock-offs), the same products that professional pest control companies use along with the biggest brands in lawn and garden care. Let our site and experts guide you to the right products, and we can save you anywhere from 30% – 70% over the cost of shopping elsewhere.