• Spider Mite Prevention and Pest Control

    Spider mites are frequent pests in landscapes and gardens and can be found feeding on many fruit bearing plants as well as ornamental plants. Spider mites are not insects, but members of the arachnid class along with spiders and ticks. These mites, also known as web spinning mites, are the most common mite pests and
  • How to Keep Fruit Flies Away Once You Have Found Your Source

    Preventing fruit flies is really going to come down to sanitation. Fruit flies can sense decaying organic matter and will come in quickly when any is detected. By following the sanitation outlined in the Fruit Fly Treatment section you can keep fruit flies at bay. Be sure all produce is washed when it is brought inside
  • The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

    The key to getting rid of fruit flies is finding their food source. Failure to find the source can lead to a quick re-infestation as new fruit flies invade the area looking for the food source. Once the source has been found and eliminated you can get rid of the adults by space spraying, fogging
  • Mouse Prevention Ultimate Guide

    Mouse Prevention Ultimate Guide Many property owners experience mouse infestations over and over again because they fail to take the needed steps to make their property less favorable to mice and they fail to control the population before it grows out of control. Implementing a mouse prevention program will include sanitation, exclusion and preventative baiting.
  • December Winter Lawn Care Tips

    December TIP1 Clean Up Lawn Before Frost or Snow Clearing your lawn of all debris, especially leaves, is really important before possible ice or snow. Leaves can trap moisture and foster fungi growth, as well as blocking light and inhibiting airflow. Letting leaves build up can brown and damage grass. TIP2 Don’t Walk on Frozen